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Covid-19 Update

     Covid-19 has stopped us all in our tracks during what would normally be a time for coming together to enjoy time with one other over spring break, end of the year school trips, and sightseeing tours. The loss of these moments is what we miss most during these uncertain times. COVID-19 outbreak has impacted our business, the lives of many of you and the economies of the communities we serve. 

     Helping you experience these moments by connecting you with the people and places that matter most is what American Tours & Charters Inc, is all about –
it was true yesterday and it will be true tomorrow.


     That commitment is what drives our company every day. It is why we wanted to share some of the ways we are working to ensure your travel safety in a healthy environment, whenever and wherever your special moments take you.

We will make sure our coaches are clean and sanitized before, during, and after each trip.

We will reduce the number of passengers on a trip in order to give you more space during boarding

as well as on the coach in an effort to promote healthy social distancing.

We will monitor the health of the areas we leave from/visit before each trip to assure that it is safe to travel.

     We know those reunions and special events you have been looking forward to will happen again. When they do, please be assured that we will be there to provide you with a safe enjoyable trip. We will see our family and friends again, visit favorite places and have new adventures together. All of us at American Tours & Charters will look forward to welcoming you aboard when that time comes.

On behalf of the American Tours & Charters Inc family – We ride together
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